• Yearbook Verallia 2019
    Discover Verallia by browsing through its Yearbook. This publication presents ...
17 Apr

@verallianews:Discover #Verallia by browsing through its Yearbook. This publication presents the Verallia offer and the diversity… https://t.co/yChSt5XlGA

17 Apr

@verallianews:Découvrez #Verallia en parcourant son Livre de l’année. Cette publication présente l’offre de Verallia et la divers… https://t.co/qJjkBjq1Ou

16 Apr

@verallianews:RT @FriendsGlassUK: #TuesdayThoughts Did you know that #glass packaging is around 30% lighter than it was in the 1980s? That means it's mor…