Where does my Verallia bottle or jar come from?

Sigle Verrier Verallia France

Each glassmaker has his puntmark through a unique logo, engraved on each product produced and which allows to trace the origin of the bottle or glass jar.

Since 2019, Verallia has affixed a new puntmark, common to all countries, under the bottles and jars produced by the 32 glass factories of the Verallia Group located in 10 countries. This initiative aims to facilitate the identification of the Verallia brand throughout the world, a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and excellence.

From now on, a "V" marking will appear on the productions of all the Verallia Group plants, regardless of the country in which they are located, followed by the country's letter

In France, everyone can recognize the origin of production of bottles and jars produced by Verallia thanks to a point added to the "VF" marking. The position of this point makes it possible to determine where the product was produced among the 7 factories in French territory.


Sigles verriers Verallia France