Verallia partner of the Contest Bordeaux Vin Attitude

Last June 14 was held the awards ceremony of the first edition of the Concours Bordeaux Vin Attitude

This competition, launched by the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur AOC, was open to students from top schools who competed for ideas to make Bordeaux the favourite brand of the French. The students had the opportunity to work around the question: "How to create a trend? What actions should be taken to make the Bordeaux "brand" the consumer's first choice? "

Verallia, which supports open innovation in the sector, was a partner of the competition and was thus part of the jury that elected the 12 finalists from 12 schools in Bordeaux. In addition to the prizes awarded at Bordeaux Wine Festival, the winners received the trophy created by Verallia, an engraved Burdigala tradiver bottle

The competition is a great success for this first edition with 220 participants and 101 files submitted.