Verallia launches the new version of Virtual Glass

With the new version of its Virtual Glass packaging creation tool, Verallia enables its customers to obtain realistic renderings of their projects of exceptional quality and in record time

Verallia introduces the new version of Virtual Glass to help its customers optimize their development time – time to market- and their costs. The result of a significant R&D effort, this digital tool makes it possible to create and visualize glass packaging (bottles and jars) filled, labelled and encapsulated with a realism never before achieved. At the forefront of virtual reality and 3D computing technologies, Virtual Glass very quickly generates hyper-realistic renderings of unprecedented quality in terms of image definition. These renderings include up to six models and can be used for communication purposes (online catalogue, promotional visuals, etc.).


rendu Virtual Glass     rendu Virtual Glass 2





To find out more, read the press release below:

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