The Verallia Design Awards competition opened its 9th edition!

Intended for students and young graduates in design, packaging and fine arts, the competition brings together several hundred participants from the best schools. Last year, almost 700 students took part in the contest!

Every year, participants are invited to imagine innovative glass bottles and jars. The Verallia competition is a true platform for open innovation and encourages students to reinvent food packaging. The projects submitted can thus be a source of inspiration and lead to the development of innovative products.
Based on the theme of "Go green", this new edition highlights the ecological potential of glass material and its vocation to preserve the planet for tomorrow. The project will have to meet the expectations of consumers who are attentive to their health and the environment.

For this new edition, the Prix Décor innovates and becomes the Prix Décor Spécial Champagne!
The decoration is an integral part of the packaging, highlighting the glass material and its container. Following the codes of luxury and French-style elegance, Verallia invites candidates to give free rein to their creativity by imagining a decor that highlights a "Cuvée Prestige" of an exceptional champagne.

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