The Compotées Bonne Maman ready to seduce the fresh department, in their jar designed by Verallia

Verallia is supporting Andros in the launch of its new Compotées Bonne Maman, by signing a heat-sealed jar with a unique design, emblematic of the glassmaking know-how of the Lagnieu (Ain) factory.

A fruit-based dessert, "like home made", in a setting that embodies sweetness and delicacy: this is the promise of the new Compotée Bonne Maman, marketed since October in the refrigerated shelves of fruit desserts.

The choice of glass was made to preserve the delicate aromas of the stewed fruit and offer a multi-sensory tasting experience, with the spoon ringing on the glass jar.

For more information, see the press release below:



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