Choose glass

A few words about glass

Glass is naturally protective

Glass<br/> says cheers...<br/> to your health !

A neutral and inert material, glass is in direct contact with foodstuffs and beverages: it protects their taste, quality and freshness. The finest produce can be entrusted to glass!

100% of collected glass is recycled

Every single collected bottle is recycled and re-used in our furnaces. This bottle gives birth to a brand new one with exactly the same aesthetic and technical quality.
Your decision to recycle your bottle enables us to reduce raw-material extractions and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Glass, an obvious added value

Colours, looks and textures express their potential at best in glass packages, with infinite variations in forms, shades and decorations. Over the ages, glass has created a unique emotional bond with the consumer. A connection enhanced by the ageing of fine wine, which only glass can ensure.

Saga of glass

Let's discover the most incredible and beautiful glass love stories :
the meeting between two packaging in glass, love at first sight… told by their kids.
By recycling glass packaging, each one is participating at the biggest romance. Here are the stories of these meetings: