Our commitments

Our commitments

Promoting the circular economy and reducing our environmental impact

Verallia leverages its glassmaking and industrial expertise to promote the circular economy and reduce its environmental impact. Maximizing the use of cullet and reducing the energy and water consumed by its industrial facilities as well as greenhouse gas emissions (aided by the use of cullet) contribute to achieving these targets.

Verallia also supports its customers’ eco-responsible approach by providing eco-designed bottles and jars.


Protecting and developing the talent of our human equity

Verallia’s plants operate 24/7/365. Glass businesses demand constant engagement and permanent and cutting-edge technical expertise.

Protecting the health and safety of its employees is the Group’s principal priority. Verallia encourages training and team development to ensure each person’s fulfillment and to enable them to adjust to changing work patterns and develop their customer relations skills.


Contributing to the economic and social development of local communities

Verallia raises the public’s awareness of the properties of glass and its recycling through campaigns and creative competitions open to young designers.

The Group cultivates its local roots and closeness with the communities neighboring its sites: it contributes to their development through a variety of initiatives (volunteer operations, donations and solidarity campaigns).












To know more, read our Corporate Social Responsibility report 2018