Modernization of Everglass Rozet-Saint-Albin site

On March 28, 2017, Emmanuel Auberger, CEO of Verallia France and chairman of Everglass, inaugurated the new installations at the site of Rozet-Saint-Albin, specialized in the treatment of domestic glass.

With this investment of more than €7m, the site is now equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to better sort collected glass, thus enabling greater cullet recycling in glassmaking furnaces.

Subsidiary of the manufacturing group Verallia, Everglass treats over 20% of domestic glass collected in France at its two sites in Rozet-Saint-Albin (Aisne) and Châteaubernard (Charente). Modernizing installations at the Rozet-Saint-Albin site will optimize the quality of cullet produced – used especially in the production of glass containers – and in doing so reduce the glass sector’s carbon footprint. Indeed, Everglass proposes to its glass manufacturing customers a cullet of quality that replaces natural raw materials and releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions during combustion in the furnace.

Glass is a “permanent” material: it is infinitely recyclable 100% without this operation altering its intrinsic qualities. In France, 74.6% (i.e. three out of four glass containers) of household glass is recycled .

Everglass’s Rozet-Saint-Albin site supplies cullet to Verallia’s plants in Vauxrot (near Soissons in the Aisne department, 30km away) and Oiry (in the Marne, 80km from Rozet-Saint-Albin).