Serac Verallia

Watch the video of this prizewinning bottle from the French edition of the 2016 Verallia Design Awards that won over Maison Du Sud – Jeanjean (Advini group) through the testimonials of Olivier Goue, its Marketing manager, and Leslie Dabin, the designer.

Its sleek design and sculptured sides and bottom combine to make this a premium packaging bottle, chosen by the distributor to introduce new wine ranges.

The Serac bottle in extra-flint glass is manufactured by la VOA - Verrerie d’Albi, a plant symbolizing Verallia’s glassmaking expertise. In 2016, the group invested here more than €46m to modernize the factory’s two furnaces and their production lines, and in doing so reinforce its flexibility on the high-end small and medium run markets.

This bottle is signed Selective Line, Verallia’s premium brand.