Inauguration of the new installations at Vauxrot

Surrounded by several customers, Michel Giannuzzi, Verallia group chairman and CEO, celebrated on Friday June 1, 2018, the restart of the Vauxrot plant’s furnace and the construction of a 4th line.

With this €28m investment, Verallia continues to roll-out its operating excellence strategy and support a dynamic French and European market. The plant’s furnace has been totally rebuilt and extended to supply a 4th production line. The site can now make up to 700,000 bottles a day for the wines and spirits market, and for the beer segment, supporting in particular the boom in micro-breweries.

Michel Giannuzzi, Verallia chairman and CEO, declared during the event: “This investment is a sign of our commitment to our customers in terms of quality and flexibility. It will allow us to meet the vitality of the markets and their high-end repositioning with a rising demand for a differentiated offer.

The Vauxrot plant is Verallia’s historical glass factory, built back in 1827. Located in the villages of Soissons, Cuffies and Crouy, it has 150 employees who, thanks to the new installations, now have better working conditions: soundproofing in the hot-end cabin, access footbridges on the furnace for hot interventions and widespread use of hoists on the machines to reduce load-carrying.

An exemplary contributor to the circular economy, Vauxrot recycles significant quantities of cullet processed by Verallia’s subsidiary, Everglass, in Rozet-Saint-Albin, around thirty kilometres from the site.

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