Equality Women / Men

The law for freedom to choose one's professional future has created the Gender Equality Index.

It has been designed as a practical tool to advance gender equality in business.


The Gender Equality Index is composed of 5 indicators and scored on 100 points. This indicator is recalculated and published each year allowing companies to see progress made and take appropriate action where necessary.


Equality Women / Men

Index Verallia France on 2019 : 78/100


  • Criterion 1: Pay gaps between women and men
  • Criterion 2: Comparison of the percentage of women and men who perceived an increase.
  • Criterion 3: Breakdown of promotions between women and men
  • Criterion 4: Percentage of employees returning from maternity leave who received an increase upon their return.
  • Criterion 5: Measuring parity between women and men among the top 10 earners.