Discover Artefakt

Artefakt makes decorations on full bottles possible!

Saga Décor now offers the possibility to personalize full bottles with the new Artefakt service. This innovation, much awaited by Champagne actors, allows the decoration of bottles after their passage in the cellar.

The solutions made available such as silkscreen printing, hot stamping and lacquering will appeal to winegrowers looking for differentiation: it is now possible to customize all the vintages, from the smallest to the largest, with quality and long-lasting results.

Verallia's teams have taken up the challenge of decorating a full bottle:

  • The Saga Décor factory, an approved warehouse, is organized to receive sparkling wines in the best conditions (dedicated area entirely secured, air-conditioned storage).
  • The four processes of decorating in "cold" cooking have been tested, they have no impact on the intrinsic quality of the wines.

For more information, visit the Artefakt website!