Design recognition for Alaryk beer

Alaryk beer, bottled in a model signed Selective Line – Verallia’s high-end international brand -  has picked up a bronze World Beer Award in the design category.

The Paris beer model is one of Verallia’s high-end standards for the beer market. Its rounded push-up makes it easier to serve and its long, slender neck highlights the bottle’s premium appearance. 

We particularly focused on the container for our future beers. Starting with the bottle itself, co- designed alongside Verallia’s teams with its curved shape, thick glass and chunky bottleneck giving the impression of a wine bottle. It will be available in 33cl and 75cl format. […] Full-on, classy, quality and no frills: this is how we imagine our beer, and this is how we designed our bottle.

Composed of three models, Selective Line’s beer range draws inspiration from the codes associated with champagne bottles to propose innovative shapes on this market and in doing so meet its customers’ demands for differentiation. Find out more about this range on Selective Line’s website.  


Watch Alaryk brewery talk about its cooperation with Verallia: