Four Verallia

For the first time ever, European container glass manufacturers come together to build the first large-scale hybrid electric furnace to run on 80% renewable electricity. It will replace current fossil-fuel energy sources and cut CO2 emissions by 50%.

For the very first time, the industry has adopted a collaborative approach where 20 glass container producers - including Verallia - have mobilised resources to work on and fund a pilot project to prove the concept.

The industry already works with electric furnaces in several of its 150 glass manufacturing plants across Europe, but they are small scale and exclusively used to produce flint (colourless) glass with virgin raw materials, therefore using very little or no recycled glass content. With this new technology, the industry will be able to produce more than 300 tonnes per day of any glass colour, using high levels of recycled glass.

To find out more, read the FEVE's press release: