"Close the Glass Loop" action platform launches

Close the Glass Loop

On June 30, FEVE (the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers) launched the "Close the Glass Loop" action platform which connects the glass packaging ecosystem and targets 90% glass collection by 2030.


90% glass collection by 2030

The move comes as efforts to consolidate the European Circular Economy scale up following the adoption of the European Green Deal, the European Union’s new agenda for sustainable growth. Glass has long been a leader in circularity, as an infinitely recyclable packaging material with a collection for recycling rate of 76%*. As a pan-European action platform, “Close the Glass Loop” is a bottom-up, collaborative, public-private partnership that aims to boost glass collection rates to 90% by 2030. The initiative gathers twelve European federations representing glass manufacturers, processors, brands, Packaging Recovery Organisations and municipalities.

To ensure a local implementation of tailored solutions, the European Platform will be working hand-in-hand with national partners in every EU Member State.  


A concrete example of co-creation in the Circular Economy

The European Action Plan aims to address structural challenges in the glass collection and recycling chain which are common to most EU countries.

With municipalities seen as a key player to mobilise collection, “Close the Glass Loop” will establish a strong partnership with local authorities to expand source-separated glass collection, improve glass collection in large cities and tourist areas and ensure that use, collection and recycling of glass containers is better supported by common guidelines and tools, at all stages of use.

Individual action points will range from organizing a Municipalities Roadshow and best-practice workshops, to support pilot projects in densely populated or touristic destinations, develop a roadmap for cullet quality and reinforce cooperation between national stakeholders.


More information on the “Close the Glass Loop” programme, along with the European and National Action plans, is available on the website closetheglassloop.eu.  

*In 2017: https://feve.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/FEVE-PR-Recycling-Data-2017-Final.pdf