A wind of modernity for the new Manon bottle

Bouteille Manon

To enhance the rosé from its best plots, Ravoir & Fils called on Verallia to revamp the Manon bottle. This new bottle is a continuation of its original shapes made in 1996 by a great Italian glass designer.

The new Manon bottle was created with the help of VOA Verrerie d'Albi. In less than a year, Verallia teams have co-developed this beautiful project with the aim of promoting the product of their historic client.

A sleek design, refined at the bottom, with readjusted shoulders and lines of incomparable purity. It bears the signature of the brand engraved on its bite which has also been redesigned and accentuated to further assert its character and stature. This feminine and slender bottle has decidedly more modern codes.

To accompany these changes, the design of the labels is also being transformed. The new graphics enhance her dress more and position herself in an even more attractive and innovative way.


For more information, see the press release:

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