A green glass bottle for the new “fresh plants” Ricard aperitif

Developed together with Verallia, the new Ricard Plantes Fraîches bottle really stands out on the aniseed aperitifs’ market. With its rectangular base and aerodynamic silhouette, the bottle features round shoulders and the brand logo engraved in the two side cartridges. 


José Garcia, sales director at VOA – Verrerie d’Albi, a Verallia subsidiary, explains: "Like its contents, the bottle has taken off to the fields. To convey this idea of final product freshness, work was done on color identification. In the end, tank-colored green glass was chosen.” The first green bottles appeared at VOA - Verrerie d’Albi (Tarn) in January 2017. 


Since then, two other Verallia plants in France have been mobilized to support the development of this bottle. French glass manufacturing in keeping with a French brand produced in France.

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