A bottle Cahors Malbec

A bottle Cahors Malbec

The « Cahors Malbec » interprofession recently chose to develop a new bottle with Saint-Gobain Emballage.

Saint-Gobain Emballage offers the producers and distributors of Cahors Malbec a new bottle exclusively designed for Cahors.

The highly qualitative Cannelle tint of the Cahors Malbec suggests all the know-how of the area. Generous shoulders and a slight taper highlight the engraving and endow it with a delicate elegance. This launch supports Cahors Malbec strategy to develop in retail and internationally.

The interprofession aims at promoting Cahors Malbec while respecting sustainable development principles, with an elegant eco-conceived bottle.

This partnership is another example of Saint-Gobain Emballage's will to bring industrial power and know-how to support the wine industry.